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Some of the usual questions on Yogabhyas and replies to them are given below:

(Note : Q= Question and A= Answers)

Q1 What time is proper for Yogabhyas ?

A: Mornings are best for Yogabhyas. If this time is not suitable, you can practice Yoga in the evening. In yogic texts, four times, namely mornings, afternoon, evening and mid night, are mentioned, especially for Pranayam. The practice of Asans is more easy and pleasurable in the evening than in the morning. This is because of the speedier blood circulation and also the body is also more flexible due to the movements of the day. If owing to the practical difficulties, mornings or evenings are not suitable, you can practice Yogabhyas at any time. But it should be on an empty or light stomach. Further, depending upon the availability of the time, your desire, capacity and needs, the schedule of Yogabhyas can be shortened, lengthened or broken into two or more parts, to be done at different times.


Q2. Should bath be taken before or after performing Asanas ?

A: It is desirable to do Yogabhyas after a bath, but this is not a must.


Q3. Can Yogabhyas be done after an operation ?

A: After an operation, it is necessary to take rest and recuperate according to your need. There after there is no harm in doing Yogabhyas, starting with a few simple practices.


Q4. How essential is it to have the stomach and bowels cleared up before Yogabhyas? If one's bowels are not properly evacuated, should Yogabhyas be stopped?

A: It is desirable to have the stomach and bowels cleared before starting Yogabhyas because in many of the yogi practices, positive and negative pressures are created in the stomach and bowels. Further, these parts are contracted and stretched during Asanas. To get maximum benefits from Yoga it is better, therefore, to have stomach and bowels free while practising it. However,  in exceptional cases or when proper bowel evacuation does not take place because of unhealthy habits, it is not that all Yogic practices should  be necessarily be dropped. Those having 


Q5. If exercises (Dand, Surya Namaskar, etc.) and Yogasanas are to be performed in the morning, which should be done first ?

A: Exercises involve exertion and one necessarily gets tired. Therefore the evening time is good for exercises as one gets plenty of rest afterwards. In the morning, light exercises such as Surya Namaskaras, Sarvangasundara Vyayam (free hand exercises), etc. are beneficial. Hence you may practise such light exercises first and Yogabhyas afterwards, keeping a gap of 20 minuties or so between the two. For Ygabhyas , any time is suitable. Nevertheless, the morning time is the better. If both strenuous exercises and Yogabhyas have to be done in the morning, it is advisable to do Yogabhyas 20 to 40 minutes after finishing the strenuous exercises. 


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