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Nautiyal Family Tree

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Nautiyal Family Tree Computerised Listing of Lineage.

The Nautiyal family tree was initially made like a tree structure. The structure was very big and therefore separate tree structures were made each for Darshanji,Vishwarupji and Golgovindji In order to locate one's position in the Nautiyal family tree a person had to browse through the entire tree structure This involved in locating the tree structures Darshanji,Vishwarupji and Golgovindji individually and then using the command CTRL + F  for each tree structure separately. It was a laborious and time cosuming process. In order to find one's relative position in the tree structure a person had to trace out and count his relative position

We have tried to simplify it by  computerising  the data  and made a program to search the lineage by entering   first name only . The details of 15 generations of ancestor's brothers and sisters are listed out and family lineage of fathers up to "Raghunathji" is listed out separately. There is a provision for display of photographs of the individual and a family album. There is also a provision for display of a detailed write up on the individual along with the details of date of birth, name of spouse along with the links to her parental lineage, names of children and other details specifically required by the individual. While making the program we  found an anomaly while comparing  the relative positions in tree structures and therefore,  have taken the following relative positions  of persons with respect to "Raghunathji"  in  relation to my father Shri M. C. Nautiyal as under :- 

Ancestry Individual Position as per actual relationship  Position as per Vanshawali in relation to Raghunathji Correction Factor to be applied while comparing the relative positions among different Ancestries. Remarks
Golgovindji  Shri Devi Prasad S/o Shri Taradat uncle=X-1 8 0  
  Shri Mastram S/o Shri Lalita Prasad cousin=X 9 0  
  Shri Mahesh Chandra S/o Shri Jaikrishan Ref. Position=X 9 0  
Darshanji Shri Basant Kumar S/o Shri Sureshanand cousin=X 11 2  
Vishwarupji Shri Bisheswardat S/o Shri Jayanand uncle=X-1 9 1  

 There are certain missing links in the tree structures due to which the relative positions as per the present position are not tallying. In another example Shri Devi Prasadji who is No. 8 in the Golgovindji tree called Uncle to Shri Bisheswardatji who is No. 9 in the Vishwarupji tree.  The relative positions of individuals down words from the tree structures Darshanji, Vishwarupji and Golgovindji are tallying correctly. However there are some missing links between Raghunathji and the three tree heads Darshanji, Vishwarupji and Golgovindji. The addition or deletion of any new links in the tree structure below the three tree heads  may further complicate the relative position within the same tree structure. And also without any authentic historical document may not be in the correct spirit of maintaining a historical record.

In order to locate your relative position in the same ancestry no corrections need be applied. However, while comparing the relative positions among different tree structures, correction factors as above may please be taken in to account. 

 In case there is any other anomaly in the tree structure kindly let us know so that the programme can be suitably modified.

Maj. S. C. Nautiyal (Retd.)