31st Course IMA
22nd NDA (Army),31 Direct Entry,16th NCC,GEN.17th Technical and 1 OTU


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The 31st Course IMA will commemorate the 'passing out' and commissioning of its members at a Golden Jubilee Reunion at the Indian Military Academy (IMA), Dehradun (Uttarakhand) from 15 to 17 December 2012.
Eligibility to Attend
Officers of the 31st Course IMA - 22 National Defence Academy (NDA), 31 Direct Entry (DE), 16 National Cadet Corps (NCC), 17 Technical (Tech) and 1 Officers Training Unit (OTU) - who 'passed out' on 10 December and were commissioned into the Army on 11 December 1962, and their spouses, will be eligible to attend the Reunion.
Unaccompanied spouses will be treated as guests.
No other guests and/or children will be permitted.
Travel Arrangements to and from Dehradun
Travel to and from Dehradun will be under your own arrangements.
Reception and Dispersal
Reception and dispersal arrangements will be courtesy IMA.
Reception detachments will be established at Jolly Grant (Dehradun) Airport; and Dehradun Railway Station. A Reception Centre will be established at South Campus within the IMA. Reception arrangements will cater for transport to and from the IMA, the airport and the railway station.
Persons attending the Reunion will not arrive at the IMA before 0600h, 15 December 12; and will depart not later than 2359h, 17December 2012.
Arrival and departure details (to include Personal details (IC No, Rank, Name, decorations); mode of travel (air, train, car, bus); flight/train details; date and time of arrival/departure) will be furnished to the Reunion Coordination Cell, IMA by 01 December 2012.
Accommodation, Messing and Transportation
Persons attending the Reunion may stay under their own arrangements. Those who choose to stay within the IMA will be accommodated in Cadet's Accommodation in the South Campus. Rooms will be allocated on a 'first come, first served basis', i.e. on receipt of the financial contribution. Due consideration will be accorded to persons on medical and health grounds. Unaccompanied ladies will be accommodated in the IMA Guest Rooms.
All meals, unless otherwise specified, will be served in the Cadet's Mess - the 'Vikram Batra Mess'. All rooms will cater for drinking water, tea and coffee on a self-service basis. IMA will provide bus-based transport support for all Reunion related group activities within the Academy.
Accommodation, messing and transportation arrangements under care of the IMA will be in place from 0600h, 15 December to 2359h, 17 December 2012.
Presentation of a Silver Trophy to the IMA
The course will present a silver bust of Colonel (then Major) Dhan Singh Thapa, PVC, 8 GR to the Cadet's Mess. This is as per the wishes of the IMA.
The making of the trophy as per the specifications of the IMA has been entrusted to silversmiths, Mr Beli Ram Abhay Kumar Jain, Karolbagh, New Delhi. The estimated cost of the trophy is Rs 1.30 Lakh.
Lieutenant General SK Singh, PVSM, UYSM, AVSM, VCOAS as Colonel 8 GR has kindly consented to his Secretariat overseeing the making of the trophy. The trophy will be ready by 01 December 2012.
Reunion Souvenirs
Persons attending the Reunion will be presented a souvenir and a copy of the 'Reunion Group Photograph'. In addition, the IMA will present each officer with a 'then and now' photograph. Each officer will hand over a recent passport size photograph to the Reception Centre on arrival. IMA ties and Reunion photographs, by the IMA photographer covering the event, will be available on sale at the Reception Centre.
Additional Assistance to Individuals
IMA has generously agreed to extend the following assistance to individuals based on specific requests made to the Reunion Coordination Cell, IMA:
" Sports and outdoor recreational facilities.
" Medical assistance.
" Shared services of civil 'room sahayaks'.
" Laundry facilities.
" Civil hired transport on payment for local visits in Dehradun.
" Limited cyber café facilities.
" Accommodation and messing on payment for drivers accompanying persons attending the Reunion.
All Persons attending the Reunion will be in possession of ID proof: retired officers will be in possession of 'IAFZ 2015 A - Identity Card, Indian Armed Forces, Retired Officers'; others will be in possession of Passport and/or PAN Card.
Each officer will submit - on arrival - a recent passport size photograph of himself and two photographs (size 4.5 x 3.5 cms) of the officer with his spouse.
Non-Indian citizens will be required to obtain the formal clearance of the Military Intelligence Directorate; Integrated Headquarters of the Ministry of Defence (Army);DHQ PO New Delhi 110 011 to attend the Reunion. A copy of the application may please be endorsed to the Reunion Coordination Cell, IMA.
Financial Aspects
The financial contribution of persons attending the Reunion will be as under:
Couple -
Accommodation - Rs 1000.00.
Messing - Rs 3000.00 (to include liquor and soft drinks).
Souvenirs including group photograph - Rs 1000.00.
Silver Trophy - Rs 1500.00.
Share of Guests - Rs 500.00.
Total - Rs 7000.00.
Single Person -
Accommodation - Rs 1000.00.
Messing - Rs 1500.00 (to include liquor and soft drinks).
Souvenirs including group photograph - Rs 1000.00.
Silver Trophy - 1500.00.
Share of Guests - Rs 500.00.
Total - Rs 5500.00.
Contributions to the silver trophy are not restricted to participants in the Reunion. Also, individuals may contribute any amount in excess of the stipulated Rs 1500.00 for the silver trophy if they should so wish.
All individual financial contributions will be paid by cheque (payable at par)/bank draft into a new account opened especially for the Reunion. Details of the Account are as under:
Name of the Account - '31st Course IMA Reunion Fund Account'.
Account No - 32442716842.
IFSC Code - SBIN0000739.
Swift Code - SBININBB380.
Details of Bank -
State Bank of India
Indian Military Academy
Dehradun (Uttarakhand) 248 006
The account will be operated by Colonel BD Dangwal, VSM** (Retired) and Lieutenant General RK Nanavatty (Retired).
All cheques, drafts, notices and intimations of financial matters will either be couriered or dispatched by post to Colonel BD Dangwal, VSM**. The last date for the receipt of individual financial contributions is 01 November 2012.
Since the corpus of the Reunion Fund will depend on the no of participants, individuals attending the Reunion may have to pay their share in excess of the amount stipulated, in the unlikely event of a shortfall. At the end of the Reunion the unexpended portion of the funds collected - if any - will be transferred to 'The Commandant IMA, Dehradun' for crediting the amount under the head 'Civilian Employees Benevolent Fund' and the account will be closed.
Check List for Action to be taken by Persons attending Reunion
Immediate - forward contact details and information as required vide 31st Course IMA Reunion Notice issued via Email on 25 Jul 12. Please include awards and decorations.
01 Nov 12 - last date for receipt of individual financial contributions.
01 Dec 12 - intimate arrival and departure details to Reunion Coordination Cell IMA.
Contact Details at Dehradun
31st Course IMA Reunion Coordination Committee
Lieutenant General RK Nanavatty (Retired)
B-266; Sector-4
Defence Colony
Dehradun (Uttarakhand) 248012
Email 31ima.reunion@gmail.com
Mobile 97603 32608
Telephone 0135 2666993

Colonel BD Dangwal, VSM** (Retired)
90 Vasant Vihar I
PO New Forest
Dehradun (Uttarakhand) 248006
Email coldangwal@yahoo.com
Mobile 9837126891
Telephone 0135 2760609
Reunion Coordination Cell, IMA

Colonel Sumit Mehta, VSM, 44 Armd Regt
CO Thimmaya Battalion
Dehradun (Uttarakhand) 248 006
Email smta44@gmail.com
Mobile 7830200161
Telephone 0135 2773831 Ext 35; 0135 2773741 Ext 42.

Looking forward to seeing you on 15 December 2012.
RK Nanavatty
Lieutenant General (Retired)
Date - 01 Aug 2012
Place - Dehradun